Valentine’s Day Mochi

I have had 2 boxes of sweet rice flour in my cabinet for a while, and in the true sprit of homework procrastination I decided to make mochi today! Gummy sweets are my soft spot, and I’ve wanted to make mochi because the remind me somewhat of Turkish Delight (which I have craving ever since we watched a foodie documentary last week that had some in it—ahh, not good for my sugar-reduction intentions!!).

I cross referenced a few recipes on the web, and decided to follow this one (I may have been influenced by all of the pink in her photos…). I followed her ingredients exactly, and they turned out great! My recommendation to you: make a 1/2 batch of her exact recipe, unless you want to feed the 5,000. I put some in my freezer because one full recipe made soooo much. The only other thing is that depending on how thick your batter is in the baking pan, you may need to cook it longer. The edges will get a bit golden and crispy, but don’t be fooled if the center is still soupy. Let it cook until the center is set. It will still seem soft and sticky, but the texture really firms up after the 1 hour of cooling.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


The flowering Camellia in our yard was my color inspiration! Isn’t it pretty?


Don’t mind the excess cornstarch, haha!