I LOVE the Seahawks!!!

I’m SO excited to watch the Seahawks play in the Super Bowl for the second time in a row!! They are such a hardworking team, and inspiration to Seattle! I am so proud of them, and all they’ve accomplished. Go Seahawks!!


Do you want fabulous abs?

I have been working on my abdominal muscles lately, and this this Blogilates workout has been my favorite! I really love a lot of Cassey’s workouts AND her website! She makes floor work fun, YAY!! She provides so many resources, from meal plans to archived workout videos. She is sweet and chatty, and makes the workout go by faster. Check out any of her videos (they are categorized by body area) on her website or Youtube for a great start or end to your day!


How to Keep Training Through a Harsh Winter

I love these tips on staying fit, motivated, and safe in the winter running months!


If you live in a climate where the conditions get chilly during the winter, you know the wrenches the weather can throw into your running routine. Not only is it physically harder to run in cold, icy, wet, conditions, it is also tremendously harder to motivate yourself to run in these conditions. However, if you are looking to take your running to the next level, if you are looking to chase down that Boston qualifier next year, or if you are just trying to keep off the holiday weight, winter training can be crucial to your success. Here are a few ways to keep your training alive during a harsh winter.

1. Schedule a Race Early in the Year

If you have nothing firm on the race schedule, you have no reason to put in the miles. If your mindset is, “I’ll see what comes up,” you’re going to…

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In season: Pomegranates

Growing up, pomegranates were a treat. Probably because of the stained shirts, kernels strewn across the floor, and ruby-red splattered kitchen surfaces that they left my mother with! I love eating pomegranates for their flavor, juiciness, and texture, and was delighted to recently come across a much easier way to deseed them! Here is a tutorial of the method I have been using lately to deseed the pomegranate under water. After doing some research, I found another method on YouTube that uses a wooden spoon instead of water. Although the wooden spoon method is a quicker way to remove the seeds, it can still be messy. I definitely prefer less mess, and plan to use the underwater method to eat many more pomegranates. Which is a good thing, because I recently bought a large flat of them!!


Part of my pomegranate haul!


Launching into winter quarter with a mincemeat pie.

Winter quarter began, and I am ready to hit the books after a wonderful and relaxing winter break! I am really looking forward to my courses this quarter, as they all continue to be pediatric focused. I will resume working one shift per week as a pediatric nurse, while spending the rest of my time studying and working on an autism fellowship through a local center. My reading list from winter break is quickly being replaced by textbooks, although I hope to continue to work my way through The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer. Do any of you use Goodreads to manage your reading? If so, I’d love to hear about how it works for you!

Happy reading!


10 reasons why I will continue to run with my husband in 2015, and love it!

And why you should find an exercise buddy too!

1. He challenges my competitive side.

2. To compare blister sizes and sore knees.

3. Running shoes should NOT stay clean!

4. It is the greenest way to explore our city, and other cities when we travel.

5. When I am unmotivated to lace up, he is.

6. So we can continue to eat lots of tasty food dessert!

7. To stay fit for other activities we enjoy.

8. It teaches us how to stay in step with each other when life gets busy.

9. Because he looks really good in running shorts and sweat!

10. To grow old together, youthfully.


Thanks goodness for running tights in the winter! Also, I love my Brooks running shoes!!


Running at Holyrood Park in Edinburgh, Scotland. September 2014.


Outside of Edinburgh, Scotland. September, 2014.

Running is not the only way to get exercise. We just find it a fun and efficient way to get a cardio workout, but it may not work for you. It’s best to find a way to get you hear rate up and bum out of the chair in a way that you can be consistent with! Daily exercise may help you sleep sounder at night, lower your stress levels, and help to regulate your glucose metabolism. These are the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations for physical activity in adults. Whatever it is you decide to do for exercise, have fun with it and try to be as consistent as possible. Even though it is sometime hard to be motivated to exercise, I’ve never regretted a workout after completing it!!