In season: Pomegranates

Growing up, pomegranates were a treat. Probably because of the stained shirts, kernels strewn across the floor, and ruby-red splattered kitchen surfaces that they left my mother with! I love eating pomegranates for their flavor, juiciness, and texture, and was delighted to recently come across a much easier way to deseed them! Here is a tutorial of the method I have been using lately to deseed the pomegranate under water. After doing some research, I found another method on YouTube that uses a wooden spoon instead of water. Although the wooden spoon method is a quicker way to remove the seeds, it can still be messy. I definitely prefer less mess, and plan to use the underwater method to eat many more pomegranates. Which is a good thing, because I recently bought a large flat of them!!


Part of my pomegranate haul!


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