10 reasons why I will continue to run with my husband in 2015, and love it!

And why you should find an exercise buddy too!

1. He challenges my competitive side.

2. To compare blister sizes and sore knees.

3. Running shoes should NOT stay clean!

4. It is the greenest way to explore our city, and other cities when we travel.

5. When I am unmotivated to lace up, he is.

6. So we can continue to eat lots of tasty food dessert!

7. To stay fit for other activities we enjoy.

8. It teaches us how to stay in step with each other when life gets busy.

9. Because he looks really good in running shorts and sweat!

10. To grow old together, youthfully.


Thanks goodness for running tights in the winter! Also, I love my Brooks running shoes!!


Running at Holyrood Park in Edinburgh, Scotland. September 2014.


Outside of Edinburgh, Scotland. September, 2014.

Running is not the only way to get exercise. We just find it a fun and efficient way to get a cardio workout, but it may not work for you. It’s best to find a way to get you hear rate up and bum out of the chair in a way that you can be consistent with! Daily exercise may help you sleep sounder at night, lower your stress levels, and help to regulate your glucose metabolism. These are the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendations for physical activity in adults. Whatever it is you decide to do for exercise, have fun with it and try to be as consistent as possible. Even though it is sometime hard to be motivated to exercise, I’ve never regretted a workout after completing it!!


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